History of UCC

Old College Building, 1953On the 22nd September 1936, a group of representatives from various missions in Assam met in Shillong, to consider the organization of a council of churches in the erstwhile undivided Assam. One year later on the 23rd September 1937, the new authorized group met again to form a committee to set up a college. It included Rev.T.E. Pugh, J.M. Forbes, Rev.J.J.M. Nichols Roy and Rai Bahadur D.Ropmay, with Dr. Victor Hugo Sword as its Chairman and Treasurer.

In 1941, the Assam Christian Council communicated with the other member-affiliated churches to generate funds for the noble project, and was assured of receiving four annas (25 paise) each member, as well as other special gifts.

Thus strengthened, Dr. Sword was entrusted with the task of procuring a suitable site for the proposed college on 28th August 1948. His pleas to the Baptist Church to provide the Guwahati campus which had 22 acres of land was turned down because of the financial burden it would incur. The Council, in 1950, thus reaffirmed Barapani as the best location for the project, and voted to set the wheels in motion in July 1951, backed enthusiastically by the American Baptist Board.

With such a mission, the College classes commenced on Friday, the 14th August 1952.

The dedication service was held on Saturday, the 29th August 1953 at 12:45 PM, to coincide with the meeting of Assam Christian Council (12-30 August 1953) in Shillong. The official opening ceremony took place on the 7th November 1953 and it was inaugurated by Shri M.M. Choudhury, Ministry for Food and Agriculture, Government of Assam (undivided Assam). The College began with a humble sum of Rs.8,475/- collected from donors. The ecumenical work camp consisting of all the affiliated local churches was organized to clear the jungles and begin the Construction work. Volunteers came from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Burma, Africa, Srilanka, and Pakistan to name a few. Initially there was only one student and four teachers. Gradually the strength rose to 11, including one female student.


These students were:

  1. Gasperley Marwein, West Khasi Hills,
  2. Onershing Q.Marak, Garo Hills,
  3. Yasathung Lotha, Nagaland,
  4. Miss Alice Laurence, Jorhat,
  5. Tekachangt Ao, Changki, Nagaland,
  6. Sanmonger Ao, Changki, Nagaland,
  7. Plausing. K. Marak,Garo Hills,
  8. A.S.Tuisem, Ukhrul, Manipur,
  9. Samuel Hembrom, Goalpara, Assam
  10. Wilfred Goldsmith, Jorhat,Assam,
  11. Elphinstone R.Marak, Garo Hills.


The Teachers included:


  1. Mr.B.M.Pugh – Principal
  2. Mr. I.M.Simon-English Department
  3. Miss Enid Pugh – Logic
  4. Miss Mary Abraham-History
  5. Mr. Rajarathnam -Economics

By all means the genesis was modest and humble.

The mission statement of Union Christian College is in itself, indicative of the fact that the Institution serves one of the most valued objectives of the Constitution of India, which is to provide the lights of higher education to its students.

Towards this goal, it caters to the educational needs of the tribes from the all corners of the North East, and envisages a unique system of value-education that provides for an acquaintance with ideals based on a firm Christian background, as well as secularism, tolerance and synthesis in Indian Culture with focus on the North East ethno-cultural unity, irrespective of the belief systems.


Our Anthem

College ChoirCollege Choir


Bless UCC fair home of hope and dreams
Amid fields full of fragrance and delight;
Perenial fountains, rivers and rippling steams,
The splendour of starry skies at night.
Here there is beauty, here the forest grow,
And here the sunshine, rain and refreshing breeze
Combine to make a little heav'n below,
A pool of peace among the friendly trees.
Here is our delight, here we strive and yearn
For these gifts Thy wisdom can impart;
And through our common fellowship to learn
The vision promised to the pure in heart;
Thy hand, O Lord, has been upon this place,
Still we may follow and obey Thy call,
And grant that we continue in Thy grace,
And on this college let Thy blessing fall.

Our Motto

Come to the living water

Drink from its springs of healing

All who are sin-sick and weary

Come and be satisfied

From Calv‘rys mount of Blessing

Mercy has been outpoured

O come to Christ, the cleansing fountain.

Come to the living water,

Drinking and thirst no more,

Come to the saviour,

He a blessing will outpour

‘O‘ come and be satisfied,

O come, to the living water

And thirst no more

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