IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell )

Commitment to quality has been a maxim of the College since its very inception. The College has constituted the IQAC since from 2005 and which has now become the designated nodal agency for ensuring and providing quality guarantees in academics and administration of college. The IQAC has a diverse composition of alumni, parents, non teaching staff, external experts and students. Quality is ensured by implementing all the guidelines of the University and UGC with regard to academic and administrative matters. For instance the reservation policy, the examination framework, syllabus implementation, recruitment policies are all according to the norms prescribed by the University, UGC and Ministry of Human Resource Development. All recruitments strictly follow UGC and Govt. of Meghalaya norms.

Objectives of IQAC

  1. Developing and disseminating standards of excellence in pedagogy and institution building.
  2. Providing a systematized and durable mechanism for conscious and continuing self-evaluation, introspection, and improvement in the overall performance of the College.
  3. Conceptualizing, plan and implement quality initiatives and regularly evaluating the same.
  4. Providing a forum for students and alumni to participate in strengthening the academic standards of the institution. The cell shall receive and evaluate feedback from students, parents, alumni, and other stake holders as well as the society at large on an ongoing basis and strive to make quality consciousness an institutional paradigm.

IQAC Members

1. Dr. R.M. Manih Principal Chairperson
2. Dr. J. Mathew Vice-Principal Member
3. Rev. Ramenglina NEICC Secretary Member
4. Dr. C. R. Lyngdoh Associate Professor Member
5. Dr. Gideon L. Kharkongor Alumni & Associate Professor Member
6. Dr. A. Malhotra Dean of Student Welfare Member
7. Mr. C. Bina Office Manager Member
8. Dr. V. Kalita Associate Professor Member
9. Mrs. M. Sebastian Associate Professor Member
10. Dr. M. B. Mitri Associate Professor Member
11. Dr. S. K. Singh Associate Professor Member
12. Mr. K. Sarma Associate Professor Member
13. Mr. Jonestar L. Nonglait Asst. Professor Member
14. Dr. D. Nongsiang Asst. Professor Member
15. Mr. Babiang Lyngdoh Asst. Professor Member
16. President SRC
17. Mr. Banshaikupar L. Mawlong Asst. Professor Coordinator

The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the IQAC are the following :